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Your Compounding Pharmacy Liaison

EC3Health has vetted and compiled the highest caliber compounding pharmacy network for forward-thinking practitioners. Compounding pharmacies are at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare by offering physicians customizable medications for their patients. EC3Health is here to help you navigate this confusing process of adding preventive care treatments to your practice.

Compounded medication is a natural fit for personalized care. Our compound pharmacy partners create medications that suit your patients’ individual needs.

With some compounding pharmacies making headlines for bad medicine, you can rest assured you have EC3Health’s seal of approval. We go above and beyond to help you choose the absolute best pharmacy partner.

Using our pharmaceutical expertise, we have vetted our compounding pharmacy partners to ensure they are of the highest quality. And we’ve found you providers who are available in all 50 states and are both 503A – “Patient Specific” and 503B – for “Office Use.”

As a practitioner, you don’t have time to research, vet, and follow-up with pharmacies, which is why you can rely on EC3Health. We are here every step of the way as your pharmacy liaison. And you can start that process today by contacting us, filling out our practice assessment, or requesting a price list.

Lab Testing Services

EC3Health offers lab testing services for reliable and accurate patient results. These are paramount to your practice because it ensures precise diagnoses and thus better patient treatments. EC3Health’s lab testing partner is one of the best in the country and held to our rigorous standards.

Our worldwide personalized lab partner is the leading provider of diagnostic testing and offers a complete line of services ranging from routine blood tests to more complex tests that assist in the diagnosis of cancers, and other rare diseases. Unlike many testing lab services, our lab partner gets up to more tests covered by more insurers than anyone else.

Most importantly, they offer the most comprehensive wellness blood test panel available, and all results are made available to you in one convenient portal! Contact us to sign up or find out more.

A Thorough Vetting Process for All Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies must be vetted to ensure quality and professionalism. The pharmacies we work with have withstood the vigorous quality review of our pharmaceutical experts.

Our experts have worked with and compared hundreds of compounding pharmacies across the country to hand-select our partners. For a pharmacy to be included in the EC3Health network, they must prove they work above and beyond the baseline regulatory requirements. We verify that our pharmacies are providing perfectly potent, sterile, stable, and high quality compounded medications.

Long-lasting and trustworthy relationships is a priority of EC3Health. When you work with EC3Health’s compounding pharmacy partners, you gain the added quality assurance and buying power of our company.

Targeting the Ideal, Self-Pay Patient

Practitioners aren’t the only people frustrated with the healthcare system – patients are too. Your patients are searching the internet for better care that focuses on improving their health, not just treating illnesses.

Patients are interested in preventive care therapies more than ever before. Many baby boomers are searching for practitioners to help them fight the effects of aging and maintaining their vitality. These patients understand the value of preventive care medicine and are happy to pay for services their insurance doesn’t cover if it gives them a higher quality of life.

Based on our extensive market research, we show you preventive care therapies your self-pay patients want, and we show you how to implement them successfully. EC3Health ensures you’re trained in offering cutting edge preventive care treatments. Additionally, we show you how to target and inform patients who would benefit most from age management therapies.

Grow Your Practice with Our 10 Best Preventive Care Services and Treatments

Our team of experts has identified 10 preventive care services and treatments proven to be excellent for growing or starting a concierge medical practice. EC3Health provides support for implementing, managing, and patient outreach for each of these services.

  1. Weight Loss
  2. HRT
  3. Age Management
  4. IV Therapy (Nutrition)
  5. Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men
  6. Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women
  7. Aesthetic Treatments
  8. Lipotropic Injections
  9. Erectile Dysfunction
  10. Hair Rejuvenation
  11. Pellet Therapy

EC3Health has helped hundreds of physicians successfully incorporate preventive care treatments in practices at every stage. Whether you’re just starting a concierge medical practice or are already full concierge, EC3Health has solutions for your practice every step of the way. Take our practice assessment today to find out which therapy works for you.

Future-Focused Support

The EC3Health team is passionate about what we do. EC3Health began as an effort to find solutions for practitioners interested in offering patients preventive care therapies. Through our knowledge of compounding pharmaceuticals, we found revolutionary solutions that help physicians have more say in the structure of their practice while earning more.

But we don’t stop there.

We pride ourselves in being proactive and make relationship-building a priority. This means we are constantly scanning the horizon for innovative treatment options that deliver positive therapeutic outcomes for your patients while improving your preventive care practice.

We also don’t take new treatments at face-value. We do the necessary research to make sure each therapy is an effective treatment and provides a return on investment for your practice.  We are constantly offering resources for our practitioners to demonstrate how these treatments improve patient care and earnings for their respective practices.

With testosterone replacement therapy, we created a calculator* that demonstrates how you can bring an additional $200,000 into your practice in one year, by simply adding 15 new low testosterone patients a month. You can expect a variety of proactive resources like our Low Testosterone (Men’s Health) Calculator when you partner with EC3Health.

Trusted Resources and Continuing Education

EC3Health makes it a priority to consistently provide you with cutting-edge information on how to integrate preventive care into your concierge medical practice.

We create comprehensive resources for you, such as our Mixing & Dosing Guide. This guide walks you through how to properly reconstitute medications for your patients so you can do so confidently. We break down the different measurement equivalents so you’re comparing apples to apples.

In addition to the valuable resources available on our preventive care treatments, you’ll also have access to continuing medical education.

Our physician-to-physician network is available to you for comprehensive training on every treatment offered. We collaborate with several medical directors who can fast-track you into increasing your influx of self-pay patients, interpret lab data, and share their experience with you – which can be invaluable.

Once you’re a part of the EC3Health network, you have access to physicians who are available for small group workshops or personalized one-on-one training sessions. These trainings can be half-day or full-day and can easily be tailored to best suit your practice’s needs.

Our extensive physician network is available across the country, meaning there’s a good chance training can come to you. Or you can choose from one of our unique location trainings, such as Miami, Orlando, or even beautiful Puerto Rico. All our trainings are designed to make sure you understand and are confident in incorporating weight loss, age management medicine, testosterone replacement therapy, and other treatments into your current practice.


Personalized Physician Support

Our current clients love the personal support they get from EC3Health, and you will too. It isn’t enough for us to simply get you started, we want to help your practice continuously thrive.

Watching practices incorporate treatments that provide positive therapeutic outcomes – with quality medications they can trust –  is what makes EC3Health’s mission come alive.

When you have questions, you’ll receive swift attention from one of our experts. They will walk you through any concerns you may have and offer solutions for any issues that arise.

EC3Health puts you in touch with real experts so you remain confident every step of the way. Let’s start with answering your current questions. Contact us and an expert will reach out to see if your practice is a good fit.

Access to a Progressive Community

By having access to a forward-thinking community of practitioners and pharmacists, you gain a valuable network of resources and endorsements. We are a partnership, working in collaboration for a mutual goal – to improve patient care and physician quality of life.

Our thriving network of like-minded integrative and functional medicine practitioners gives you access to collective expertise and buying power. You can receive training from a medical director who has successfully implemented our concierge medical practice treatments.

EC3Health aims to be at the forefront of these treatments by helping practitioners incorporate preventive care treatments into their practices. Through continuing education and development of resources, we are leading this progressive community towards improved healthcare. Press the button above to take our practice assessment and get started.

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