CelaPure™ AF (Amniotic Fluid)

If You Could Help Your Patients Heal with a Natural Product, that is Not a Drug, Would You?

Cutting edge research has identified an untapped source of cells that are multipotent, have immunomodulatory properties, and influence cell longevity creating only healthy cell growth. These cells can be found in CelaPure™ AF (amniotic fluid) and have implications that are widely reaching for regenerative medicine.

CelaPure™ amniotic fluid contains cells that can differentiate into several different new cells without which make them an ideal candidate for healing musculoskeletal injections. Amniotic fluid is introduced directly into an injured area promoting healing and growth. These cells unique ability to implant in injured organs and modulate immune and repair responses of host tissues shows their usefulness for the treatment of various degenerative and inflammatory diseases affecting major tissues and organs.

This naturally antimicrobial fluid contains anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesion properties, which work wonders to heal joint, muscular, or skeletal injuries. Furthermore, these fluids can be used in widely ranging dermatological and aesthetic applications as well since these properties give amniotic fluid the ability to prevent scar tissue from forming.

CelaPure™ Amniotic Fluid Has Had No Reported Side Effects

Amniotic cells are obtained from the amniotic fluid which is produced during a caesarean birth. The amniotic fluid is then sent to an FDA approved facility where it is processed, and safety checked for medical use. After processing, the fluid is cryogenically frozen and stored. Once the fluid is prepared for use it will be thawed and injected at the point of injury.

At EC3Health we partner with a company that safely and legally provides amniotic fluid, CelaPure™, to licensed medical practitioners. CelaPure™ AF is 100% pure amniotic fluid, it is a chorion-free and membrane-free injectable that does not contain any stem cells or morselized dead tissue. Its anti-inflammatory qualities have been shown to reduce pain and swelling at the site of the injury, while naturally occurring hyaluronic acid provides cushioning and lubrication of the injury site.

Amniotic Fluid is a Rich Source of Stem Cells – That Can Now be Harvested.

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