Prevent Cartilage Breakdown and Loss with The Miracle Molecule,


Resulting from years of research APIC-A2M is an exciting advancement in orthopedic science. Located in the blood, A2M prevents the breakdown of cartilage while protecting the joint. For most patients, pain is caused when their arthritic joint or disc space contains more destructive enzymes than the body can handle, resulting in degradation of the cartilage and eventually even bone. While A2M is naturally occurring, it is unable to enter the joint or disc space in large enough quantities due to its size, structure, and the avascular design of the joint. Injecting additional concentrated A2M into the affected areas restores balance and helps to relieve pain.

What it Does

A2M is a powerful inhibitor of cartilage catabolic factors. It can stop the progression of Osteoarthritis by preventing cartilage breakdown and loss. A2M has two binding sites that capture proteases. Once captured, the bound A2M and proteases are eliminated from the joint or disc space through the body’s natural processes.

How it Works

Blood is drawn from the patient utilizing an APIC kit and injected into the centrifuge tubes. It is then spun using pre-set settings on the centrifuge. Plasma is then drawn out of the tubes and put into a specially designed concentration kit where it is filtered and the A2M is concentrated. Once the process is complete, the A2M rich injectate is drawn off into syringes for administering into the patient.

More Info about A2M

A2M can be concentrated up to 6X. An injection of concentrated A2M, derived from the patient’s own blood, and placed directly into the affected joint or disc space, can provide the necessary amount of A2M to bind and remove the destructive enzymes and proteases that cause the damage.

Dr Ralph Rogers: APIC-A2M.

APIC-A2M Facts:

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