hCG Diet Handbook Overview

As a doctor in the EC3Health network, you’ll have access to a constant stream of resources regarding all preventive treatments available to you. And we are always creating resources that you can pass along to your patients. We aim to provide comprehensive explanations and guides that aid you in patient compliance and improved therapeutic outcomes.

The EC3Health physicians have been extremely successful in implementing the HCG Diet into their practices and using it as a way to introduce patients to concierge medicine via a medically supervised weight loss program. After patients successfully experience the HCG Diet, they are more likely to become self-pay patients and to be interested in other preventive care treatments – like an on-going hormone optimization program. This makes the HCG Diet perfect for starting or adding a concierge self-pay treatment program to increase overall practice revenues.

If you aren’t already familiar with the HCG Diet, it’s a therapy that uses the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that’s naturally produced by both men and woman at low levels normally and in high levels in pregnant women. HCG is important because it allows the body access to stored fat supplies for energy and nutrients.

The HCG Diet uses this luteinizing hormone to help the body target and burn excess fat quickly. Unlike other weight loss options, the HCG Diet targets unwanted fat stores without muscle loss, decreases appetite, and will help your patient lose pounds and inches.

We’ve created an HCG Diet Handbook that is completely customizable with your practice name. It is available for you to distribute to your patients so they have complete information regarding the HCG Diet and what it can do for them.

Click through to see an overview of the handbook. This customizable handbook is available free of charge for all EC3Health’s network providers.

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