Amniotic Fluid (AF)


Amniotic Fluid is similar to PRP in the types of growth factors it contains. Unlike PRP, which heals by causing inflammation, Amniotic Fluid provides an anti-inflammatory response and can also have regenerative effects and reduce further cartilage degeneration.

Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic Fluid is antimicrobial due to its Definsins. Definsins are small cysteine-rich cationic proteins that occur across ALL cellular life. They are host defense peptides, with members displaying either direct antimicrobial activity, immune signaling activities, or both. These special proteins break down bad bacterial cell walls, essential poking holes in the membranes.

Amniotic Fluid is derived from the placental fluid and advances soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction. The process of freezing and even cryopreserving Amniotic Fluid is very specific, and it is important to do it correctly. Make sure that that you trust and know the source of your Amniotic Fluid products.

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