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Healthcare is fundamentally changing as we know it.


The average income for physicians is dwindling due to healthcare legislation and third-party reimbursements.


The time you can spend with a patient is being lost due to paperwork and insurance requirements. And your patients are looking for preventive care treatments in age management medicine as opposed to remaining victims of the failing disease and symptom treatment model.


You have the unique opportunity to offer high quality preventive care therapies that improve patient care and the quality of your practice.


Many of the therapies we offer in age management medicine are healthcare solutions that increase positive therapeutic outcomes, and patient vitality, allowing you more time with your patients, and will ultimately increase your practice’s revenues.


EC3Health was founded in our passion to support integrative and functional medicine practitioners who are determined to offer treatments for their patients that provide positive therapeutic outcomes regardless of a fickle healthcare system. By offering the highest quality preventive care, EC3Health provides four vital resources to practitioners.

Quality Compounded Medications

We don’t simply provide you with a vast formulary of compounded medications, we help you select the right pharmacy and the right treatment programs that fit your practice best. As your concierge pharmacy liaison, we hand select and vet our pharmacy partners, remove time-consuming legwork, and offer expert recommendations. Our compound pharmacy partners combine the science of pharmacology with the art of individualized medication so that you can offer patient-specific and/or office use medications that will improve patient care, and enhance your practice.

Superior Diagnostic Lab Services

If you have been looking for a unique lab partner that combines both cutting edge laboratory technology and passionate customer service, then look no further than EC3Health’s diagnostic lab service partner.

Our worldwide personalized lab partner is the leading provider of diagnostic testing and offers a complete line of services ranging from routine blood tests to more complex tests that assist in the diagnosis of cancers, and other rare diseases. Unlike many testing lab services, our lab partner gets up to more tests covered by most insurers than anyone else, even Medicare.

Most importantly, they offer the most comprehensive wellness blood test panel available, and all results are made available to you in one convenient portal!

EC3Health connects you to services that increase your revenues and effectively address your patients needs while keeping you on the cutting edge of clinical and diagnostic test advancement. Strategic partners and subsidiaries are dedicated, experienced, and prepared to serve your needs. EC3Health is offering you the opportunity to get on board and have your expectations exceeded.

Marketing Support

Our team of marketing experts will advise you every step of the way. We know how to market  and utilize the latest programs and software to increase current patient values and generate new leads for your practice.

Whether you are trying to build your brand from scratch, manage your online reputation, optimize your email marketing, add additional word press pages to your website, or create blogs or content related to new therapies you are rolling out, EC3Health  can help you get to the next level. We utilize the latest software and technology to drive patients to your website. Visit our products and partners website page to take our brief marketing survey so that we can get a better idea of where you would like to go, and how fast you want to get there.

Concierge Medical Mentoring

We can help fast track your practice in age management medicine by providing  you with affordable physician to physician training and ongoing support. And we provide you with discounts to attend educational conferences such as the AMMG  bi-annual meetings.

Our training and physician support is created to support your education, and ensure you’re comfortable incorporating new preventive care treatments into your existing practice. We’ve identified 11 sought after therapies that are successful in increasing  positive therapeutic outcomes for patients and for your practices revenues.

Whether you’re interested in offering hormone optimization or a weight loss program, EC3Health can help you set up your program for success.

The bottom line is this: EC3Health’s primary focus is on building lifelong practitioner relationships by offering valuable resources and support for the future of preventive care at an affordable price. If you’re interested in a cost-effective strategy for improving all aspects of your practice, contact us today, and we can discuss how our straightforward approach will work for you.

Take our practice assessment questionnaire by clicking the button below and let EC3Health assist you in diversifying your practice today.


We Help You Find the Best Approach for Your Practice


Concierge medicine isn’t for everyone, nor is it a one-size-fits-all approach. With innovative solutions in integrative and functional medicine, low initial investments, and our expert guidance, you can test the waters of preventive care or dive in confidently. Our approach offers low risk methods supported by market research and years of experience.   Additionally, we offer a complimentary practice assessment that helps practitioners determine if our therapies are right for their practice. No matter how your practice is currently structured – EC3Health can point you in the right direction.


If You Have a Full Concierge Medical Practice


We can expand your therapy offerings and make sure you are getting the best practitioner pricing on quality medication. We also work with you to obtain positive therapeutic outcomes through patient-specific medications. Additionally, we work with you to increase your current patient values by adding adjunct therapies to your current treatments.   Also, our pharmacy partners prepare sterile and non-sterile compounded medications in state of the art clean rooms that are USP 795 and USP 797 compliant. We have a pharmacy that is compliant in every state, meaning no matter where your brick and mortar practice is located, our therapies are available.


If You Have a Hybrid Concierge Medical Practice


If you’ve made a partial switch to a concierge medical practice, we can pinpoint the next treatment program you should offer. We will also analyze your current practice model and look for therapies that coincide with your practice’s bread and butter. And of course, as with all our services, we work with you in a collaborative manner to improve patient care and increase your bottom line.   With our 11 tested therapies, we can show you how your practice can offer the next level of care that will keep your patients coming back and interested in self-pay treatments. Our  therapies move your patients into age management medicine and preventative care that creates a monthly annuity for your practice.


Are You Thinking of Starting a Concierge Medical Practice?


If you’re thinking of starting a concierge medical practice, our experts will help you ease into offering preventive care treatments. Not only do we recommend treatments based on patient and doctor interest and low investments, we also help you with marketing collateral and patient outreach. We make sure you feel confident implementing all new treatments into your practice through physician-to-physician training and resources.


Maybe You Want to Supplement Your Traditional Practice?


Supplementing your current practice with preventive care services and treatments is a great way to get started. It’s how many of our current practitioners began. As a practitioner, you already have the necessary certifications and expertise to implement treatment programs such as weight-loss, hormone optimization, age management medicine, aesthetics, and IV therapies. EC3Health will show you how to offer treatments that improve the lives of your patients and increase your earnings.


Not Sure Where to Start?


We love helping practitioners understand the flexibility of preventive care services and treatments available to them.   Understanding these new practice models may seem complicated – but we don’t think it needs to be.   That is why EC3Health offers free consultations, which determine if your practice is a good candidate for preventive care treatments and concierge services.   It only takes a quick practice assessment with one of our experts for us to determine whether we are a good fit for your practice.   No matter where your practice stands today, there are several paths you can take to improve the quality of your care and increase your earnings. Press the button above today to get started.

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