Xolife™ Exosomes

A New Frontier in Regenerative Medicine, Xolife™ Exosomes. Find out How Physicians are Finding New Ways to Heal with These Small but Mighty Messengers.

Discovered more than 30 years ago, exosomes, 100 nM lipid vesicles released from mesenchymal stem/signaling cells were considered cellular “garbage cans” whose purpose was to discard unwanted cell components.

However, over the past few years, evidence has begun to accumulate that these secreted vesicles actually act as messengers, conveying information to tissue with encoded instructions that contribute to improvement, growth, and healing in injuries or damaged tissue.

Exosomes enter the cytoplasm of a targeted cell and transcribe the degraded RNA already present in the cell making thousands of new copies of the patients own RNA. The New RNA becomes the basis for new growth factor receptors and growth factors at the injury site and it aids in the creation of proteins that are the basis for new compatible healthy cells as it initiates the healing and regeneration cascade with the autologous cells in the patient.

Exosomes have been shown to contain viable growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors, signaling proteins, and nucleic acids., and the NIH has granted $130 million in research specifically geared towards them.

Early clinical studies are starting to prove exosomes’ potential. In 2016, a placebo-controlled trial on 40 patients with advanced chronic kidney disease showed that the patients receiving exosomes saw enhanced kidney function. Patients were tracked for twelve months and no safety concerns were reported.

EC3Health regenerative medicine partner harvests exosomes safely and to FDA standards from placental tissue and umbilical cord blood and there are virtually little to no mesenchymal
stem cells present. All cellular components are removed from Xolife™ leaving it growth
factor rich, with over 300 growth factors present.

Xolife™ exosomes are considered an excellent aid for standalone therapies, or in conjunction with other regenerative medicine options.

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