NEW Focus + Recall

  • FOCUS SHARPER: Science-backed neurotransmitters help you block distraction for laser focus and peak productivity.
  • CONCENTRATE LONGER: Provides the nutrient fuel your brain needs to convert glucose and ketones into brain energy. Give your brain an enduring mental boost to avoid burnout and stay on task longer.
  • BOOST RECALL, MENTAL SPEED, & RAPID LEARNING: Phospholipid support can help you retain and recall information better, and respond faster. Avoid embarrassing mind lapses and slow learning.
  • BE ALERT & UPGRADE COGNITION: Healthy blood flow brings nutrients and oxygen to the brain, allowing it to function at peak cognitive potential.
  • CELL PROTECTION & HEALTHY BRAIN AGING: Antioxidants help protect brain cells from damage caused by free radicals that can dull mental sharpness over time.
  • DRUG-FREE, NON-HABIT-FORMING: Safe to take daily for long-term brain health. Great natural peach flavor.





Healthycell uses new patent-pending BIOACTIVE GEL™ technology that applies advanced microgel science for maximum absorption, delivered in easy-to-swallow gel packs.

This breakthrough nutrient delivery system releases extremely small, ultra-bioavailable nutrient particles at specific locations in the digestive tract where they can be properly absorbed.


Impact Aging at the Cellular Level
with Healthycell® Pro!

Upgrade your regimen to the only multi-nutrient system designed to improve the “building block” of the body– the cell– to optimize healthspan.

Your health starts at the cellular level, and aging is the chronic condition of declining cellular health over time. Aging is also the single biggest risk factor in virtually all disease. Support your cells for optimal health to enjoy a more productive life.

Rather than treating the symptoms of aging once cells are already damaged, toxic and accelerating the damage in surrounding cells, Healthycell® Pro focuses on intervention early in the cell life cycle.

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