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David Caddell founded EC3Health out of his passion for preventive care and age management medicine. By attending the A4M as an exhibitor for years and working in the compounding pharmacy space, David began to see that practitioners desired marketing and consulting services in conjunction to compounded medications.

EC3Health’s mission is to assist practitioners in making the transition from a conventional medicine model to a functional and integrative direct-pay model. No allied health professional should be told how to treat patients based off dwindling insurance reimbursements, nor should patients settle for subpar therapeutic outcomes. 

For over five years now this has been our goal to collaborate with forward-thinking practitioners and offer quality compounded pharmaceuticals, superior diagnostic lab support, and regenerative treatment options that create efficacious treatments and increased revenues for our physicians’ practices.

EC3Health has established powerful partnerships that our physician network has come to rely on, and we are here to help you grow by bringing together support and services that promote health and longevity for your patients and your business.

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