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Not All Labs are Considered Equal and This is Not Conventional Medicine

EC3Health’s Diagnostic Lab Partner Addresses the Needs of Integrative and Functional Medicine Practitioners

Our diagnostic partner lab caters specifically to the integrative and functional medicine practitioner. We know the markers and panels that you need to dive under the symptoms and evaluate the root cause of diseases so that you can effectively treat your patients.

Accuracy of our lab reporting is the MOST important service that we can provide to the practitioner. With our diagnostic lab partner you can provide safe and efficacious treatment programs for your patients. Safety combined with fast sample processing times, access to our online portal, and the best self-pay pricing on panels creates a collaborative relationship that will improve patient outcomes.

David Gives An Overview Of EC3Health And Explains Why You Need A Great Diagnostic Lab.

Review our Functional Medicine Panels Which Include Vitamin and Nutritional and Heavy Metal Panels

What Makes Our Partner Different?

EC3Health’s partner lab provides what YOU want in a lab:

  • Personalized panels for integrative and functional medicine
  • Testing materials and equipment provided at no cost, i.e. refrigerator, phlebotomy chair, centrifuge, and an on-location phlebotomist (when allowed)
  • Convenience for yourself and your patients for in-office blood draws
  • A lab that can bill both insurance and self-pay patients
  • Affordable cash pay pricing
  • Bill both insurance and self-pay patients
  • Special programs for non-insured patients

Check Out What a Sample Lab Report Looks Like

Drawing blood in-office is a convenience that most patients have come to expect. You will be provided with everything you need to get up and running quickly. You will have access to a convenient physician portal so you can go online to view your patients results and book follow up appointments so that treatments can begin immediately.

Simply Brilliant Diagnostic Options

Our full-service lab partner offers offer vitamin and nutrition testing, heavy metals, bacterial, and many other diagnostic tests using methods that include cheek swabs, urine, and blood testing. Ideal lab testing investigates nutritional deficiencies, toxic exposures, inflammatory responses and triggers, Imbalances in neurotransmitter metabolites, hormonal imbalances, genetic susceptibilities, and more. Customizing your lab panels is what our lab partner does best! Want to see more tests available?

  • The Bowel Function Test
  • Nutritional Testing
  • Mineral Level
  • Urine Organic Acid Testing
  • Amino Acid Profiles
  • Nutrient and Toxic Element Profile
  • Hormone Evaluation
  • Adrenal Testing
  • Estrogen Metabolism Testing
  • Female Hormone Level Testing
  • Basic Male and Female Hormone Level
  • Thyroid Evaluation
  • Food Allergy Evaluation
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Cardiovascular Testing
  • Lyme Disease Testing

We offer many unique diagnostic panels to choose from. We know that each practitioner is different in their testing preferences and every patient has unique needs, therefore we give you the option of creating your own custom panels, at a better price for your self-pay patients.

Practitioners, Take Advantage of EC3Health’s Strategic Lab Partnership

EC3 will provide you with a 10% discount on your current self-pay labs

EC3Health’s Champion Cause. Prevent and Arrest Cognitive Decline in Your Patients Over 65.

The cost of caring for patients with Alzheimer’s in the U.S. was estimated to be at $236 billion in 2016. A new case develops in the U.S. every 68 seconds? Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th Leading cause of death in the U.S. In response to this epidemic, the Alzheimer’s society and Medicare have led an initiative to screen and develop care plans for patients suffering from (MCI) mild cognitive impairments, including memory loss, dementia, and mild Alzheimer’s.

The initiative reimburses qualified healthcare professionals for screening and care. EC3health’s partner lab, is working in partnership with uMethod Health to offer the new cognitive program, to you. The approach delivers a picture of the patient’s cognitive health and identifies underlying conditions. ACCU Mend delivers a personalized treatment report plan that leads to better health outcomes for beneficiaries at all stages of cognitive impairment. Specific guidelines and CPT Codes were developed by the initiative for the assessment and care plan. Any practitioner able to report evaluation and management services can provide the screen and care. Eligible providers include physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and physician assistants.

Click on the impact analysis button to gauge your potential earnings when you join us in the fight against cognitive impairment.

Truly Unique Tests such as the Molecular UTI Test, Only Offered by 3 Labs in the Country

UTI’s are a common condition that will afflict many patients over a lifetime. Many practitioners prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic right away. However, recent studies indicate that a narrow spectrum treatment that targets the specific pathogen is preferred.

EC3’s partner lab, Accu Reference, has created a UTI molecular test that identifies 17 common UTI pathogens. The revolutionary collection materials, such as the patented “AccuFem” device, are supplied, and the turnaround time is just 24 hours. See the detailed UTI brochure to learn all the facts.

Do You Know Why PGx (pharmacogentic testing) Is Important? For One Big Reason, the Prevention of Medical Errors

We all know how important these markers are:


  • APOE
  • COMT

Our partner lab offers PGx testing, and with our quick and easy cheek swab kit you can offer this pain free test in your office as well!

EC3Health connects you to services that increase your revenues and effectively address your patients’ needs while keeping you on the cutting edge of clinical and diagnostic test advancement. Strategic partners and subsidiaries are dedicated, experienced, and prepared to serve your needs. EC3Health is offering you the opportunity to get onboard with our partner lab and have your expectations exceeded!

The best thing about the PGx test is that it’s covered by many insurance payors contact us to find out more about PGx coverage.

Diagnostic Lab FAQ’s

Drawing blood in your office is a convenient way to get test results for your patients. EC3Health’s diagnostic lab partner is the lab you’ve been looking for, and here’s why!

What's the average turnaround time on test results?

Our partner diagnostic labs, turnaround time is phenomenal! With the convenient online portal, you see your patients results, fast! We’ve seen that an average result for a testosterone test can be accessed within 24 hours.

What supplies are needed for in-office drawing, are they provided?

Supplies are quickly sent to your office at low or no cost to you based on the tests you order.

Are these test panels customized to my practice?

Yes, Accu Reference Medial Labs is uniquely suited to the functional medicine practitioner. Accu Reference lab has your practice’s ongoing testing needs in mind.

Can the lab cater to both my self-pay and insurance patients?

Yes, Accu Reference medical labs will work with insurance patients for the best coverage, and work with practitioners on cash pricing. We currently see an average savings of 10% or more, for physicians on regular panel pricing!

Isn’t it time to offer your patients the convenience of in-office testing to improve their safety and patient care? It’s easy to register, and we can set your practice up with everything you need to get started, quickly!

Call US TODAY at 877-536-4635 to see if you qualify for a phlebotomist in your office, at no additional cost to you.

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