Sarcotropin IPA

Meet the New Rising Star of the Peptide Revolution: EC3Health is now a distributor for Sarcotropin IPA for your patients, gym clients, nutrition clients, and your chiropractic clinics!

EC3Health, is now a distributor for Sarcotropin IPA, the best new targeted peptide combination for your patients, your gym clients, nutrition clients, and your chiropractic clinics. Now we can help you order this targeted peptide combination for individuals or in bulk, and we have negotiated the best pricing for you. Sarcotropin IPA is a “medical food” that must be taken daily and requires a physician’s order for each patient. Sarcotropin IPA helps to maintain body integrity in patients. It is excellent for body recomposition and is best for fat loss and maintaining lean muscle in patients over 30 years of age and senior patients with Sarcopenia.

Targeted peptide combinations like those found in Sarcotropin IPA aren’t just great for fat loss, they help maintain lean muscle and increase natural factors that enhance youthful mechanisms in the whole body, and they are great for:

  • Senior Patients
  • Athletes
  • Over age 30 Clients
  • Weight Loss Clients
  • California Clients
  • Sarcopenia Clients
  • Nutrition Clients
  • Gym Clients Seeking Body Recomposition

Sarcotropin IPA is not available online! It can only be ordered by a licensed practitioner and through an authorized distributor.

Traditional “weight loss” slows the metabolism to a crawl making it harder to maintain the loss. A body recomposition with Sarcotropin IPA revs up the metabolism. Muscle burns more fat at rest than fat does at rest. Sarcotropin IPA is helpful for patients experiencing a slower metabolism from the aging process.

Your Patients Could be Burning Fat Even as They Relax and Breathe. Sarcotropin IPA is an effective non-invasive way to utilize the power of peptides and keep your patients in great shape. 

Sarcotropin IPA attacks the fat where it causes the most harm, such as visceral fat that wraps itself around the organs. This type of unhealthy fat is the result of aging and has recently been implicated in many chronic diseases. It increases healthy lean muscle mass as they lose.

In the 90-day clinical trial, Sarcotropin showed a:

  • 9% Body Fat Reduction
  • 14% Reduction of Visceral Fat
  • 5% Increase in Lean Muscle
  • 16% Increase in IGF-1 Levels

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