In-office skin allergy testing is now streamlined with skin testing options. In-office allergy tests are a must for any integrative or functional practitioner, why?

This simple test that requires no sending to a lab, can help your patients quality of life like no other! Whether as an adjunct to your weight loss program, a way to improve quality of life for seasonal allergies, the answer to sickness or discomfort in the home caused by mold, and more, an in-office skin allergy test can be the best tool in your medical toolbox for helping your patients feel better.

I’m excited to introduce you to Allergen72. The latest skin allergy test offering from a cutting-edge NJ Lab, provides accurate skin test results within 30 minutes or less. In-office skin tests are an amazing opportunity to keep patients in your practice informed and feeling great.

Think this test may work for your patients? Allergen72 Kits can be personalized for you and each test includes 72 sections including seasonal, foods, molds, weeds, trees, grasses, and more!

Most insurances cover this test, and billing advice can be offered as needed. if your patient is diagnosed with an allergy, immunotherapy treatments are available to assist with follow up treatment plans. The allergen72 Kit for physicians includes one set of 30 Kits at a special price. Patient intake forms, marketing materials, and more can be provided at no cost upon request.

Physicians can try Allergen72 today though EC3Health’s special introductory price! These physician-order-only tests are easy to administer and there is no sending the tests out for analysis, licensed practitioners can interpret the results on-site. The low initial investment and ROI is excellent, and you add a new therapy to your practice that is gaining in popularity among patients. Most of all, you can now help patients who are suffering from undiagnosed allergies and offer them proven immunotherapy support. Practitioners can email us at or call us to find out more.


*EC3Health gives no medical advice please ask a licensed medical physician if you have any questions about any medical conditions.