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Sarcotropin IPA

Sarcotropin IPA is not available online it can only be ordered by a licensed practitioner


We all know the benefits of CBD and it’s EC3Health’s responsibility to find you the purest CBD products available.


Discover proven relief for your patients cramping, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Healthycell® Pro

Upgrade your regimen to the only multi-nutrient system designed to improve the “building block” of the body– the cell– to optimize healthspan.

BIOM Probiotics

Good gut health is THE foundation for whole body wellness. Biom Probiotics has probiotics, prebiotics, and immunobiotics in a single dose, these act synergistically to modulate, harmonize, and diversify your gut microbiome. 

Healthycell® Bioactive Gel™

Not a pill or capsule, this breakthrough nutrient delivery system releases extremely small, ultra-bioavailable nutrient particles at specific locations in the digestive tract where they can be properly absorbed.

Healthycell® Focus+Recall

Boost brainpower, sharpen your patients focus, concentration, recall, mental speed, rapid learning, and alertness! Focus+Recall supports brain health with nootropics, neurotransmitters, cognitive fuel, protective antioxidants, and brain blood flow nutrients.It’s perfect for executives, athletes, students, the sleep-deprived, and top performers of all types.

EC3Health Additional Services

Pharmacy Selection

At EC3Health we provide you with a vast formulary of compounded medications through our pharmacy partners.

Diagnostic Labs

Our diagnostic partner lab caters specifically to the integrative and functional medicine practitioner. We know and provide the markers and panels.

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