Have you heard about Sarcotropin IPA?  This unusual medical food may help patients facing muscle mass reduction and fat gain from Sarcopenia and other natural causes.

Sarcotropin IPA is a unique formula that can only be obtained with a practitioner’s order. Because it is taken orally and passes through the normal digestive process it is considered to be a medical food. The body’s ability to metabolize Sarcotropin IPA through natural metabolic processes makes it highly desirable as a treatment.

Lately, we have seen this treatment successfully used in athletes, those with depleted muscle mass due to the aging process (Sarcopenia), and for body recomposition goals.

Sarcotropin IPA helps to decrease fat while allowing desirable muscle to grow. A process that is slow and difficult to achieve without it.

In the 90-day clinical trial Sarcotropin IPA demonstrated:

  • 9% Body Fat Reduction
  • 14% Reduction of Visceral Fat
  • 5% Increase in Lean Muscle
  • 16% Increase in IGF-1 Levels

Find out why Sarcotropin IPA is the number one medical food for 2019!

Want to find out more? You can download the eBook here, and practitioners can go to the EC3 website page to print out the Rx form.

Sarcotropin IPA Flyer

Sarcotropin IPA Patient Handout

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