Many practitioners are concerned about their senior patients’ health. One of the best ways to fight threats to immune system health is for seniors to remain healthy and fit. Immune system health is a complicated science, but most experts agree on a few things to keep strong, healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, and fermented, clean air, fresh water, probiotics, exercise, keeping weight down, avoiding sugar, good social connections and even having pets. These can all contribute to great health.

Unfortunately, seniors face more serious immune system challenges due to the vagaries of aging, including but not limited to; long-term chronic health conditions, social isolation due to mobility issues, eating habits that suffer due to dental limitations, obesity, cognitive issues and the loss of independence that makes buying and preparing healthy foods difficult.

These limitations and issues can contribute to the muscle wasting and fat replacement that occurs naturally over time called Sarcopenia. A stronger body gives senior patients the ability to stay fit and keep doing those activities that contribute to their overall health and strength.

Sarcotropin IPA works great for senior patients facing Sarcopenia and the health challenges of aging. Sarcotropin IPA (with 2mg of Ipamorelin per 4ml dose) is a liquid medical food that contains Ghrelin, Pralmorelin, Ipamorelin, Vitamin D3, and Mucuna pruriens. This amazing combination has been proven to increase physical health and stamina.

Sarcotropin IPA went through a phase III clinical trial and the results after 90 days demonstrated an impressive ability to improve the test subjects body composition, including:

  • 9% loss in total body fat,
  • 14% loss in visceral fat, 
  • 5% gain in lean muscle mass
  • 16% increase in IGF-1

Practitioners can upload the eBook including the phase III clinical trial here

Here are how some physicians are incorporating Sarcotropin IPA into their practices:

  • Follow the phase III clinical trial “framework” for using the tangibles of body composition and IGF-1 for baseline and patient follow up visits (see phase III trial-day 0, day 45, day 90, and beyond)


  • Many practices are offering 90-day programs (3 bottles; 4ml per day-per the bottle label; 120ml per bottle) to patients and offering a 10%-20% discount.


Sarcotropin IPA is not an online product, it requires a physician’s order for patients under your care. Interested in Sarcotropin IPA for your senior patients? Practitioners can contact us at and we can get you started. Don’t delay, this product has the power to keep your seniors in great shape and boost their fitness levels and overall health and vitality today!


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