Men’s Low Testosterone Calculator

EC3Health is constantly researching innovative ways for you to increase your earnings by bringing your patients the preventative care they desire. We created the Men’s Low Testosterone Calculator to show you how adding testosterone replacement therapy to your practice can increase your earnings quickly with low investment.

With this calculator, we show you how testosterone replacement therapy can bring $200,000 into your preventive care practice in the first year. By introducing this therapy to your patients, your patients will greatly appreciate the results they receive when you optimize their Testosterone levels through ongoing care.

Low testosterone treatments cost the patient a minimal out of pocket monthly expense to get started and provides excellent therapeutic results that quickly becomes profitable. Testosterone replacement therapy has a high retention rate due to its relatively low cost and the rapid benefits men tend to experience. Within a couple of months, common results include increased libido, more muscle mass, and improved mood, which keeps your patients in the program and satisfied.

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