Mixing & Dosing Guide

EC3Health prides itself in being your number one resource for compounded medications and sometimes these medications require reconstitution or specific dosing directions. EC3Health aims to provide support for both you and your staff by creating practice tools to make it easy for you and your prescribers to write for age management medications through guides and handbooks.

We’ve created a Mixing and Dosing Guide to ensure that you and your staff are on the same page when reconstituting and writing for compounded medications.

Simply print our Mixing and Dosing Guide to keep in your office for your staff to refer to when writing for freeze-dried medications like Sermorelin, HCG and even HGH. This helps support your staff when mixing the patient’s medication in the office before teaching the patient the proper injection techniques to ensure optimal patient compliance.

Compounded medications are designed to better suit your patients’ specific needs and individual health goals and therefore come in different strengths that need to be dosed and mixed correctly. Our guide breaks down the different compounded medications into simple conversions.

In our guide, you can find mixing and dosing guides for Omnitrope (human growth hormone), Sermorelin, and HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).  You are welcome to share the guide with both your staff to ensure proper dosing and improve patient outcomes.

To get your complimentary Mixing and Dosing Guide, simply enter your email address in the form below, and you will be automatically routed to the guide to print or save.

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