Cognitive decline is one of the biggest issues facing seniors today. This decline can cause embarrassment, inconvenience, and even danger for seniors. At EC3 we recommend a lab program for patients over the age of 65 with cognitive decline. Our program encourages preventative care by tracking the cognitive function of patients through a comprehensive lab test that identifies vitamin deficiencies, hormone abnormalities, heavy metals, and more markers and risk factors that can be addressed before they cause cognitive problems.

The program itself was developed by an initiative and partnership between the Alzheimer’s Association and Medicare* to address cognitive concerns in patients over 65 years old. It addresses the patient’s cognitive quality of life and reduces Medicare losses due to this common condition.

The program consists of a specialized cognitive blood panel drawn every six months. The practitioner and the patient are each provided with an appropriate care plan that addresses each unique concern discovered by the lab test. Our lab partner’s individualized approach delivers a picture of the patient’s cognitive health as our personalized treatment plan leads to better health outcomes for beneficiaries at all stages of cognitive impairment.

The cost of caring for patients with Alzheimer’s in the U.S. was estimated to be $236 billion in 2016. Did you know that a new case develops in the U.S. every 68 seconds? Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. Cognitive decline is not inevitable with aging, our lab program can help!

The program is appropriate for all licensed physicians, NP’s, PA’s, specialists, and facilities that care for patients over 65. Specific guidelines have been developed by the initiative for the assessment and care plan. Here are some of the available tools:

  • Detailed lab reports
  • Guidance on how to institute the program
  • A plug-in excel spreadsheet that can help you see if this program is appropriate for your existing practice
  • Explanations on how to read and understand the care reports
  • Details on how to collect specimens for the lab work
  • A personalized lab portal just for your practice

The best part is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you can help your patients maintain their cognitive function despite the challenges and hurdles they face due to their unique challenges.

Access the tools you need to successfully implement this therapy into your existing practice. Why wait when you can help patients suffering from the pain of cognitive impairment and progressive memory loss now? Call us at 877-536-4635 Ext 701, or email us at to find out more today!


*EC3Health is not affiliated with Medicare. Please visit for more about Medicare eligibility and information.

Image Credit: Pixabay