1. Website– This is the first and most important aspect of any business looking to grow. In the past 5 years the internet and Google has changed exponentially. According to brafton.com, 74% of all consumers use google in some way to research a product or service before purchasing! If you aren’t online, then that’s a bit of a red flag for many consumers. Many patients looking for a physician would most definitely like to see some information about the physician before making an appointment. According to nbcnews.com, nearly 60% of Americans go online to research healthcare providers! 34% of Americans prefer to read about other people’s experiences at a physician’s office before making an appointment. Online presence is a must, and that starts with a fully functioning website! Click here to get a free quote on web development for your practice.

2. Blog– Assuming you have a website, a blog is an important tool to help bring your Google ranking to the top of the list. By creating new content in the form of a blog, you are ‘telling’ google that your publishing updates on a regular basis. Although there are many blog’s that publish content every day, most marketing companies recommend blogging once a week. We are happy to set up a blog for you and even provide a service to blog for you! Click here for more information

3. Video– Another important aspect of having an online presence is having a video embedded into your website or on YouTube. Let’s face it- many people would rather listen than read! By having a video you add another dimension to your online presence and increase the chances of a viewer converting to an actual patient. Don’t have a camcorder? No problem. Many of the latest smartphones have high quality video recorders. Remember- we’re not looking to win an Oscar, just simply sharing thoughts and ideas on medical topics!

4. Social Media– Social media is often overlooked when putting together a web presence. According to CNN health, in a 23,000 person survey, 16% of people used social media to find health information! Of that 16%, nearly 94% used Facebook as their social media of choice! While having a website and blog rank a bit higher on the importance factor. If you need help with social media, we provide a service for implementation and management of all social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) Click here for more information.

5. Mobile App– Last but certainly not least is the mobile app. While most of us use a laptop or desktop during the day, you don’t see many people carrying their computers around town. The smartphone, however, is a different story. According to Cbsnews.com, nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone. Of those who own a smartphone, 10% use it for their primary internet. A mobile app allows for a seamless transition from PC to smartphone and offers the user a very enjoyable experience. We offer mobile app development and if you purchase a website before October 31st 2013 we will include a mobile app for FREE! Click here for more information!