Have you ever considered using IV nutrition in your current practice? Then what is holding you back? Maybe you’re not sure what type of patient would benefit from IV nutraceuticals? Is it effective? Is it safe?  How do you get started? What costs are involved? Is it really worth the investment in time and energy?

Well, I’ll answer the last question first…definitely yes, it is worth it.  I will personally attest to the fact that the addition of IV nutrition to my current internal medicine practice has brought both my patients’ health and the financial stability of my practice to the next level. And it can work for you too. No, I don’t have one of those high-dollar practices in a culturally-affluent sprawling metropolis. In fact, my practice is just the opposite.  I’m located in a strip mall, in a rural Louisiana town of about 18,000. My clients vary from folks out of the nearby big city of 250,000, to my locals, who at times resemble the guys from “Duck Dynasty”.  If IV nutrition will work in my practice, I guarantee it will work in yours.

Who needs IV nutrition? Pretty much everyone will benefit. By the time disease manifests, it is often too late for oral vitamins and minerals. Quite often, my patients have absorption problems, ranging from surgical gastric bypass, to food sensitivities and gut dysbiosis. They simply cannot absorb orally what they need. IV nutrition is perfect for anyone with fatigue, irritable bowel symptoms, inflammatory symptoms, acute viral or bacterial illness, pre-and post-surgery, during chemotherapy, athletes and more. The list really is endless.

Is it effective? Have you ever given a patient a B12 injection? Why? Because they feel better afterwards, right? If the patient is symptomatic, he will benefit. I have seen improvement in arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, athletic overtraining, and even as a support during chemotherapy.

Is it safe? IV nutrition in my office is safer than receiving a flu shot at your local pharmacy.  The first step to safe administration, though, will start with you. You will need to attend a couple of courses specifically on IV therapy. It’s a small investment in order to have amazing outcomes without any adverse events.  You should find a reputable supplier for the IV nutraceuticals; this is paramount for patient safety. Click here to apply for access to the network I use for my compounded medication. You will want to take precautions to prevent contamination and infection in the preparation and administration of your IV solutions. You should have a crash cart or box available.  And lastly, you will need to always be in the office if an IV is going. Never, ever leave someone with an IV unattended. With the proper training and protocols, your patients should do well.

What about the costs? I’ll venture to say you will invest less in the development of IV nutrition than any other addition to your current practice, particularly, if you are already involved in a cash practice. Here are some things you will need:

  • Attendance of one, preferably two courses on IV nutrition. If you need help finding modules please inquire here
  • A reliable source for your IV Nutraceuticals. Click here for more information
  • 1 room with at least one reclining chair and room for a watcher. (I have 4 chairs and a desk.)
  • 1 room with a refrigerator and a sink dedicated to mixing IV components.
  • Complete crash cart with oxygen, monitor, suction, and preferably a defibrillator.
  • Various IV components, tubing, IV poles, BP cuffs, IV catheters, betadine, etc.
  • An employee who will be dedicated to watching your patient at all times the IV is infusing.  This person may have other assigned duties at other times. You will train this person in how to monitor your patients. They need to be professional, sociable and able to count. That’s about it.  (Notice I did not say nurse.  I’m in the office, starting and stopping the IV’s -An RN is an unnecessary expense). If you need help training your staff, get a free consult here

So, I hope I’ve piqued your interest in IV nutrition. Maybe you even have a patient in mind. Using IV nutraceuticals will improve your patient outcomes and add an extra stream of income to a cash practice. I think financial stability is important, and I make no apologies for it. In today’s health care environment, it is essential that, as physicians, we find ways to protect our practices financially. If our nation loses our practitioners due to financial instability, then we all will lose. If you would like more information regarding starting an IV Nurtaceutical specialty to your practice, please click here and fill out the contact form or call 1-877-536-4635

To you and your patients’ health,

– Carol S. Twyman, MD