Regenerative Medicine

EC3Health Offers Regenerative Options for Practitioners

It’s time to get in on the emerging science of regenerative medicine! In the functional medicine model that we support, surgery is a final option appropriate only in extreme cases and when natural regenerative options have been exhausted.

EC3Health offers regenerative options to promote healing in a functional way that the body recognizes as its own by using natural products. Our products are derived from the patient themselves, or safely harvested donated products.

Our regenerative system includes diagnostic tests and products to promote healing and regeneration naturally without invasive surgery.


The FAC test is an amazing diagnostic tool that can help you identify if your patients are candidates for specific regenerative therapies. The FAC Test identifies the bio-markers present in the joint and indicates the appropriate regenerative therapy for the individual patient.


An exciting advancement in orthopedic science resulting from years of research. Located in the blood, Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (A2M), has been found to stop the breakdown of cartilage as it protects the joint and removing all types of proteases. While A2M is found in the blood naturally, the amount required to fight degeneration is not enough. By concentrating and isolating the A2M molecule, we can deliver enough of it to the localized area to remove the source of degradation. Because of its regenerative ability, A2M has often been called the miracle molecule.

PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix)

Our fibrin matrix is prepared on-site in minutes using the patient’s own blood to utilize the power of PRP and introduce a fibrin matrix. It is then injected at the injury site and conditions the localized area to create a new “framework” as it simultaneously releases growth factors for healing. PRFM naturally stimulates stem-cell development and greatly extends growth factor expression over time, a great improvement over standard PRP’s quick bolus release.

CelaPure™ AF

Our amniotic fluid is a chorion-free and membrane-free injectable that does not contain any stem cells or morselized dead tissue. Packed with growth factors, this 100% pure, cryo-preserved injection was never micronized or morselized so there is no saline dilution such as what is commonly found in the majority of amniotic injectables.  Its anti-inflammatory properties have been shown to reduce pain and swelling at the site of the injury quickly, while naturally occurring hyaluronic acid provides cushioning and lubrication of the injury site.


Exosomes are an important part of cell communication. Exosomes enter the cytoplasm of a targeted cells and cause an abundance of growth factor expressions in older cells by transcribing the resident mRNA quickly.  This mRNA is the catalyst for cell recruitment, factor expression, and regeneration

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