People often ask me about the secret of transitioning to a successful cash-based medical practice. What makes the difference between the practice’s that grow and thrive and those that fold within six months of opening their doors? I have helped many physicians grow successful concierge practices in the anti-aging field and I would like to share some of my thoughts with you as well. With a few of these secrets and the help of my proven three part plan you will know some of the first steps you will need to take when considering the transition into concierge medicine.
The basic model of concierge medicine is based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine. In China one-hundred years ago, it was customary to pay your doctor to keep you well. In this way the physician was invested in keeping the patient alive and well, no money could be made off of sick or ailing patients. The cash-based medical model is a positive model, geared towards enhancing the quality of life for the patient. Being overweight, dragging through the day with no energy, and being at the mercy of unbalanced hormones is no way to live! Your patients want to feel well. A successful concierge practice takes this fact into account and addresses the underlying vitality of the patient by preventing health problems before they can start. All you have to do is follow my advice and make it possible for the patient to be successful at being healthy, something they already want to be. Just follow my simple three part plan for success.
Choose therapy programs that provide excellent therapeutic outcomes for your patient
• Make sure the patient only has to make a minimal investment to get started
• Choose therapy programs that produce excellent profit margins for your practice
The first step to treating the patient to achieve and remain healthy is to choose a therapy program for your practice that has excellent therapeutic results. One of the biggest problems today in American society is extreme overweight or obesity. Many illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes, begin with being overweight. Weight loss therapy programs are often the first step to excellent health and feeling good, but losing weight by diet and exercise alone has its drawbacks. Dieting is strongly recommended, but it can be difficult for the patient to maintain a low calorie intake without any pharmaceutical assistance. I always recommend that concierge practitioners consider starting with the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet fits all of the criteria for a successful cash-based therapy program. It provides excellent therapeutic results for weight loss, includes a minimal investment for the patient to get started, and produces excellent profit margins for the practice; especially when the HCG is obtained from my vetted compounding pharmacy.


Your concierge practice can be called successful if you have patients coming in the door month after month to maintain their good health and telling their friends and neighbors about how great they feel. Choose your therapy programs according to my three principles and you can begin the first steps in transitioning your patients into a successful concierge medical practice.


Keep an eye out for my next EC3Health blog which will address the next step of how to transition patients into ongoing monthly annuity program and keeps your patients locked into your concierge practice.


David Caddell

President EC3Health